Immortal Millionaire

health and wealth hacks for people who like setting unreasonable goals

By the founder of Skill Collector and GenerousVPN.

Hi, my name is Mentor

I'm what happens when a biologist/programmer turns into an entrepreneur/investor.

This book is the result of my research & experiments:

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Mental Performance

What pills & powders can safely boost my brain?

What techniques do CEOs and world leaders use to get things done?

icon of a weight in a hand

Physical Health

Can I look like an athlete with an hour of exercise a week?

What behaviours that 100+ year olds have in common can I copy?

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Growing Wealth

Can I get wealthy enough to never have to work again?

How do self-made billionaires earn and invest their money?

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About the author

Honestly I'm a bit of a nutjob.

I started out as a biologist, turned into a programmer, then an entrepreneur and investor.

I've been running self-experiments for over a decade, from cognitive enhancement with pills and powders in every color you can imagine to experimenting with 4.5 hour sleep patterns.

Over the years I've published my results on the Skill Collector blog, and now wrote down my best findings in this book.

My fascination with financial systems inspired me to build investment planning tools like Never Work Again and put me in the fortunate position of profiting from the cryptocurrency boom since 2013 (see my interview with Bitcoin Magazine).

I have a passion for simplifying & sharing resources, this book and my project Generous VPN are some of the latest examples.

What others say

Profile picture of Sasha

While there’s no perfect guide to life out there, this book comes pretty damn close for me. Mentor has done all the legwork of optimizing some of the most critical requirements for self-actualization - health, security, development - and delivered it in a refreshingly accessible manner. It’s a book I’m sincerely excited to gift to friends and family.

What I love about it: critical topics (health, financial security, development), it's concise (just enough context and examples), it's thoughtfully organized (consistent structure for each chapter, doesn’t need to be read in order) and it's accessible (I could hand this to a teenager and expect they would understand most of it).

What I'd like to see in future versions: Gender sensitivity (unclear if the health recommendations are relevant in the same way to women as men) and mental health (Mentor focuses primarily on physical health but I would love an extension into mental health as I find it just as important for holistic wellbeing).

~ Sasha, Former Global Network Program Manager at Uber
Profile picture of Tom

What I like most about this book is that the author gives a lot of examples from his own life. It's also really easy to get back to a subject of your interest, because chapters are short and focused on one subject. Almost everything is scientifically substantiated or the author has conducted his own experiments (which is really fun to read actually). What I would have liked was to have more of a narrative. Since chapters are short, it’s more of an enumeration than an easy to read book.

What helped me most in this book was that it clearly explained to me how I could form new/better habits and find the motivation to keep up with them. I was able to take a serious look at my personal finances and make changes to get rid of the ‘I-need-to-work-until-I-die’ thoughts that often occurred to me before. I now feel confident I’m able to retire early and pursue the things that matter to me in life.

~ Tom, Process manager
Profile picture of Arjun

A well written, practical guide to help you achieve more. It’s well argumented, to-the-point content is based on actual studies, with no bullshit. The book is well structured, allowing you to use the content that is currently relevant for you, and allowing you to skip over parts that are (currently) less relevant for you.

~ Arjun, Product developer and UX designer

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This is a buffet-style book. Every chapter is stand-alone and written as a structured how-to guide with clear steps.

No. We start from scratch and work our way up. If you do have some background, don't worry, the book is written to be easilly skimmable.

Currently, the book is only digital.